Searching For Twelve Awesome Ladies

Jessi Combs was featured in the 2014 Women of Off Road Racing calendar with her Ultra-4 car.

Jessi Combs was featured in the 2014 Women of Off Road Racing calendar with her Ultra-4 car.


July 11, 2014 Ladies who race, start prepping your professional photos for the 2015 Women of Off Road Racing Calendar! Emme Hall, driver of the Mega Monkey Motorsports 2/1600 is calling for submissions for the  third annual fundraising calendar.

Hall makes it clear; this is not your average pinup calendar.

“All my female friends that drive are incredible women, who can do so much more than just wear a bikini and pose. They drive, they wrench, the co-drive…they are badasses! I knew I could do something cool to feature them, their rides, and their partners without relying on their sexuality.”

The Women of Off Road Racing calendar features the ladies in hero card style poses with their cars.

“It’s a calendar that you can give to your young daughter as inspiration, or to your grandmother to hang in her living room,” says Hall.

Professional headshots are required to enter. Photos are due August 13th to, with voting to begin Hall’s Facebook fan page on August 15th. The calendar will be ready in time for the MORE Ladies Race for the Cure on October 25th. Proceeds will go to the Cedars Sinai Breast Cancer Research Center and to help Hall’s team reach the Rallye Aicha des Gazelles in Morocco.

“The past two years I have accepted non-professional snapshots, but I really want to up the ante this year. Professional photos will place the ladies in their best light. I hope that in the future I can provide these headshots for free, but for now I recommend Dezert Wife Photography or Phil Kaos Photography. Both businesses have been very supportive of the calendar and they produce great photos.”

Hall is currently organizing a group photo session. Contact her at for details or to submit. Women of all ages, shapes, and sizes are encouraged to submit. All classes of cars, UTVs, and motorcycles are eligible. All-female teams are welcome to submit as well. Women can be drivers of record, secondary drivers, or regular co-drivers.

About the Cedars Sinai Breast Center

At the Breast Center, patients receive comprehensive care from a team of experts. Our physicians are highly experienced at treating common as well as rare and complex cases of breast cancer. During weekly multidisciplinary Case Review meetings, patient cases are discussed from multiple perspectives so that patients are provided with a wide range of treatment options. This review facilitates ongoing communication among your physicians and specialists to track your progress and help lead to a successful recovery. Our specialists also work on clinical trials to develop new treatment options for addressing breast cancer and many of our patients take part in clinical trials that test new options for diagnosis and treatment. More information can be found at

About the Rallye Aicha des Gazelles

Now in its 25th year, the Gazelle Rally is the toughest all female motorsports event on the planet. Women battle the grueling Moroccan desert for 9 days using only a compass and a map. No GPS, no cell phones, no chase crews. Points are awarded for shortest distance between checkpoints, not fastest time. Whether in a 4×4, a crossover, a quad, or a motorcycle, the two-woman teams must work together to drive the fewest kilometers possible, using their outdated maps to pick a route. More information can be found at

About Emme Hall

Driver, review, rabble rouser, Emme is the principle driver for the trophy winning Mega Monkey Motorsports  2/1600. She has also been on the podium in class 11, 5u, and ultra-4. She is one of only 17 American women to participate in the Rally Aicha des Gazelles and was the driver for the top North American team in 2014. She is a video host for TFL Car, reviewing everything from compact economy sedans to trucks to muscle cars. She is the proud driver of a 2004 Mazdaspeed Miata and she autocrosses with the SCCA whenever she can. More information can be found at




Follow My Team at the Rallye Aicha des Gazelles

It’s less than TWO WEEKS until we leave for the Rallye!!!  We know a lot of you want to follow us on this crazy adventure.  We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Jalopnik as part of the Isuzu  Media Challenge.  The Media Challenge is a mini-challenge within the Rallye.  Participants must drive an Isuzu vehicle and partner with a major news outlet who will post daily updates.  The winner of this challenge gets 15000 euros for their charity of choice.

That’s right.  We don’t have to win the whole Rallye (although we wouldn’t mind doing that too), we just have to beat the other teams in the Media Challenge to win some serious coin for our charity.  We have chosen FORCE: Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered.  We wanted to work with them at this point as they specifically benefit women who have a hereditary risk of breast cancer, like Navigator #1 Michele Martineau.

Of course, we wouldn’t be us if we didn’t try for even MOAR press coverage.  During the Rallye, March 19-28, you can follow us at

We hope you will take the time to write to us.  After March 16th just go to the Gazelle website and click on Rally Live.  There you can find a link to all the teams.  Click on us,  team 178.  Go to Write to the Gazelles and follow the instructions.  The Rallye will print out our messages for us at the bivouac each night.  We imagine this is a lot like mail call in the Army and any messages we get from our supporters will mean a lot to us.  We will try to write back but we have heard that there are only 3 computers for 300 women.  Those are not good odds.

And of course, you can track us.  Even though we won’t have GPS, we will be tracked via satellite so you can monitor our progress.  Just go to  We are team 178, but there are 4 other American teams to cheer for:

Team 107 Lerner/Reina; Third Time Participants
Team 136 Hamilton/Beavis; First Time Participants
Team 182 Klishevich/Chiadmi; First Time Participants
Team 185 Meddows/Barone; Second and First Time Participants

We wouldn’t be going to Morocco without the help we have received from our friends, family, and supporters.  We realize these are difficult financial times for everyone, and we thank you SO VERY MUCH for helping us get to Morocco for this crazy, life changing adventure!


What the Hell Happened to the Hall???

Editor’s Note:  I was recently informed that I may not use the phrase “H@ll Ass Racing” in any post or in any announcement about my name change to Mega Monkey Motorsports™.  It seems a little overkill to me but frankly, I can’t afford to be sued.  Thank you to all my fans who have been so supportive through this transition time.  I hope this is the last change I will have to make.


I’d like to spin a tale for you.  One full of legalese, a few expenses, a bit of frustration, and a healthy dash of ignorance.  In short, a cautionary tale.

The upshot is that due to a trademark violation, I am changing the name of my team to Mega Monkey Motorsports™.  Back in February I got a phone call from a lawyer who informed me I was in violation of a trademark, but that the owner, who operates in California,  would like to meet me to work out a licensing agreement.  I was nervous, but I was going to California anyway, so Dad and I met the owner  and agreed to work out a licensing contract.   I came home thinking it would all work out.

The next week I spoke with the company and we discussed what the licensing agreement would entail.  I was not entirely satisfied with the agreement and I started doing a little research.  Big mistake.  My first stop was the US Patent and Trademark Office website.  I did a search for their trademark and there it was…and it said PENDING.  Further, it was pending in the category of Automobile Parts and Design…nothing to do with racing.  “HA!”  I thought.  They don’t even own the trademark!  I immediately registered myself as a Motorsports Team and wrote an email explaining my position to this company.  In my mind, the matter was done.

It was not.  I got an official cease and desist letter from the company.  I got an email copy of it the weekend of the Mint 400.  I saw it in my inbox and just couldn’t bring myself to open it.  I was already so stressed out with our first big race, and I knew if I opened it I would break down and I had to remain strong and positive for my team.  I let it lie until that Monday and I immediately dove into my rolodex.   I called my two lawyer friends.  I called people who I thought had lawyer friends.  Then I called those lawyers…anyone who I could get a grain of free advice from.  If you haven’t ever contacted a lawyer for a trademark violation case, a simple resolution will apparently cost upwards of $5ooo.oo.  Now that may not be a lot for a big company, but it’s a lot for me.  So I just grilled lawyer acquaintances until they begged me to stop.

I’d like to preface this next part by saying that if you find yourself in this situation,  my only advice  is to get advice.  As it turns out, trademark law is really complicated and the following applies only to my situation.  Okay?  Good.  There are a few ways a trademark can be established.  First, by common law.  This company had been using the trademark since the mid 1990s.  The fact that their official trademark was still pending didn’t really matter.  It’s the common law that trumps all.  The official trademark can only strengthen your case.  There is also the issue of confusion.  Would a consumer think that my racing activities were associated with this company?  Since this company was involved in auto and motorcycle design and custom fabrication, the answer from every lawyer I spoke with was yes.

I would like to go on the record that this entire process was nothing but professional on both sides.  This company is family owned and produces really cool custom vehicles for law enforcement, SWAT teams, and just for fun.  I was disappointed that we couldn’t come to a licensing agreement, but its called off road racing, not off road friends.  And so Mega Monkey Motorsports™ was born.

Why Mega Monkey Motorsports™?  Well, because Dirt Monkey Racing was taken!  I also toyed with Trademark Violation Racing, but when I ran it by some people that had no idea of the back story, they didn’t think it was funny.  (To me, it’s hilarious).  I paid $700 for a company to do a thorough common law, business name, internet, and trademark search.  Why not just do a google search and be done with it?  Well, a company could be out there that has no internet presence whatsoever.  Remember a google search will just turn up information that’s on the internet, and there are still plenty of folks out there who have no web presence.  Hence, $700 for a search company.  Then I paid the $500 or so for the official trademark, which is now pending.

So I am attempting to rid the internet of all evidence of THE TEAM WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED BY PENALTY OF LAW, although it’s difficult.  Google never forgets, but fortunately the company has acknowledged that.  I can only hope they start generating press of their own since  when you google “THE TEAM WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED BY PENALTY OF LAW“  I am the only thing that comes up for pages and pages (note:  not anymore.  this company has recently added a racing page to their website and it now shows up third in a google search, but then it’s all me again)  I also hope I can generate as much press as Mega Monkey Motorsports™ as I did before.  You can help by sharing this blog, tweeting about my name change, subscribing to my new YouTube channel and in general being the awesome fans that you are.  And remember, if there is one lesson to be learned from all of this it’s this:

Trademark yo’ shit.


Crunch Fitness Partners With Mega Monkey Motorsports™

Washington, D.C., March 1, 2012 – Mega Monkey Motorsports ™  is proud to announce their partnership with Crunch Fitness in Washington DC for the 2012 racing season.

Crunch Fitness will provide Emme Hall, the principle driver of the Mega Monkey Motorsports™ 2 seat 1600cc desert race car, with personal training sessions as she prepares for the upcoming season.

“Anyone who thinks race car drivers are not athletes have never tried to control a car moving at high speeds through rocks, ruts, and silt,” said Hall.  “I may not be able to hit a homerun, spike a volleyball, or make a free throw, but trust me, after a race I am beat.  I need flexibility to climb into the car from the top while wearing a firesuit, gloves, head and neck restraint, and helmet, upper body strength for car control and to get the spare tire off the back and changed quickly, and cardio stamina to keep my heart from racing at the starting line!”

 Bryan Bullock, General Manager of the downtown DC Crunch Fitness, is also excited about partnering with Hall Ass Racing.  “Emme is a fixture at the gym already.  I’m looking forward to working with her and seeing her grow in her fitness levels, and we know she will be a great brand ambassador for us.”

Bryan Bullock and Emme Hall

About Crunch Fitness

In twenty years, Crunch has grown from a tiny aerobics studio with no air conditioning into a collection of 27 state-of-the-art gyms in locations such as New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Portland, Orange County, Sacramento, San Diego, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Washington DC.  It stands as a rapidly growing brand that fuses fitness and entertainment to make working out fun, bringing a host of unique services and products to our active and expanding clientele. 

Their philosophy is simple, “There are no judgments here – No too much or not enough. No glares of disapproval. Here we keep open minds. We are nurturers. We seek only to encourage, empower and entertain. There is no one type. There is no one reason. There is no one way. What we are is a diverse community; what we have is a culture of fun; what there is, is room for everyone: all kinds of people with all kinds of goals who’ve chosen to come reach them with us.”  You can learn more at and follow on Twitter @CrunchGym.

About Mega Monkey Motorsports™

Mega Monkey Motorsports™ includes driver Emme Hall and her father, Larry Hall, as well as a team of unpaid (but highly appreciated) mechanics, welders and wrenchers.  They campaign a 2 seat 1600cc air cooled VW race car in races in California, Nevada, and Mexico.  They have been featured in Dusty Times, Dirt Sports, S&S Off Road Magazine, and Gearbox Magazine, and Emme blogs for Female Racing News.  Last year she helped Desert Dingo earn the VORRA season championship in class 11 (stock VW bugs) and holds the record at the Buffalo Peak Hill Climb, co-driving for JT Taylor in an ultra-4.  Emme holds an MFA in Costume Technology in North Carolina School of the Arts and is also a graduate of Yale School of Drama.  She is the Costume Manager at Ford’s Theatre in Washington DC and reviews new cars for Roadfly TV.  During her few free weekends you can find Emme campaigning her stock 2001 Miata in SCCA autocross events.  She has been aptly described as a “charisma missle.”  To learn more visit and follow along on Twitter @MMMotorsports.

Mega Monkey Motorsports™ Partners with Dezert Outlaw Motorsports for Mint 400

Sammy and I at Parker 425

 Washington, D.C., February 23, 2012 – Mega Monkey Motorsports™  is proud to announce their partnership with Dezert Outlaw Motorsports and Team Tracie for this year’s Best in the Desert Mint 400, March 23-25.  The announcement was made on February 20th on The Down and Dirty Off Road Show, hosted by Jim Beaver.

Sammy Navarro of Dezert Outlaw Motorsports has created Team Tracie to raise money to fight colorectal cancer, which is diagnosed in over 130,000 people each year in the United States alone.  Team Tracie’s mission is to help spread the word of early detection in the fight against colorectal cancer. Early detection is very important and vital, for over 80% of all cases of colorectal cancer can be prevented with screenings and follow up appointments. March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, and the team wants to pay tribute to Tracie and encourage her to stay strong.  Tracie, you are not alone and that she is not alone in this fight!

Mega Monkey Motorsports™  includes driver Emme Hall and her father, Larry Hall, as well as a team of unpaid (but highly appreciated) mechanics, welders and wrenchers.  They are happy to join forces with Team Tracie and race their new 2/1600 at the Mint.

“When Sammy told me about Tracie’s story I was only too happy to help.  Racing for Tracie in the Mint will be such an honor.  The fact that I get to share driving duties with such an awesome driver is just a bonus.”

Sammy is excited as well. “I can’t tell you how excited I am to be teaming up with such a wonderful person like Emme and her motley band of racers.  Through this partnership we will be able to spread the word about colorectal cancer and honor my friend, Tracie.  I would like to thank Emme for allowing me to bring along my team members Mike Jenkins and Cortney Mcrae and race with the and names on the new 2/1600.  Together we are going to make a fantastic showing at the Mint 400”

The Mint 400 is one of the best known desert races in the United States.  The new 400-mile course is located in Jean, Nevada, and will feature a high-speed passing zone near a dedicated spectator area, as well as rocky washes, silt beds, high-speed graded roads, rock gardens, and the giant rolling jumps The Mint is famous for. Additionally, racers will start side-by-side (two at a time), making “turn one” a new exciting spectacle of the race.

About Dezert Outlaw Motorsports

Run With the Bull

Dezert Outlaw Motorsports has raced in many off road series such as SCORE, BITD, MDR, SNORE,  and the recent Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series.  With teammates Jenkins and Mcrae, the team has had multiple wins and podium finishes.  Dezert Outlaw has been featured in magazines such as Dirt Sports, OFF-ROAD, Skinnie Magazine, Dusty Times as well as in the off road video games Baja: Edge of Control and TrophyLite Rally for Play Station 3 and XBOX 360.  Sammy loves being behind the wheel but also excels outside of the car.   When he is not promoting sponsors and racers on live radio, at off road expos, and at race contingencies, you can find him working public relations for Mike Jenkins Motorsports.  More information can be found at and   You can follow Sammy on Twitter @DezertOutlawSam

About Mega Monkey Motorsports™

Mega Monkey Motorsports™  campaigns a 2/1600 and has been featured in Dusty Times, Dirt Sports, S&S Off Road Magazine, and Gearbox Magazine.  Last year Emme helped Desert Dingo earn the VORRA season championship in class 11, and holds the record at the Buffalo Peak Hill Climb, co-driving for JT Taylor.  Although sidelined for a year due to health reasons of her navigator, Michele Martineau,  Emme is currently working towards running with the Gazelles in the 2013 Rallye Aicha des Gazelles, a 9 day all female rally through the deserts of Morocco…no GPS allowed.   Emme holds an MFA in Costume Technology in North Carolina School of the Arts and is also a graduate of Yale School of Drama.  She is the Costume Manager at Ford’s Theatre in Washington DC and reviews new cars for Roadfly TV.  During her few free weekends you can find Emme campaigning her stock 2001 Miata in SCCA autocross events.  She has been aptly described as a “charisma missile.”  To learn more visit, and follow on Twitter @MMMotorsports.


The Best Idea I’ve Ever Had…Maybe

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you’ve probably seen some posts from me where I’m jabbering on about Diet Dr Pepper.  You’ve probably also wondered what the hell I’m talking about.  Relax as all your questions will be answered forthwith.

A few weeks ago I was listening to a MotoIQ webcast, the subject being how to find partners to further your racing career.  After the host spouted off some horrible statistic like “companies receive a billion sponsorship proposals a day,”  I knew I had to do SOMETHING BIG if I wanted anyone to pay attention to me.  After all, I’m just starting out and I don’t have a huge history behind me; just personality, drive, and creativity.  (Oh, and I’m pretty cute too.)

What, I wondered, taking a sip of my ever-present Diet Dr Pepper, could I do to make a company pay attention to me?  A company whose product I used?  A company who needed me as much as I needed them?  The sugar free deliciousness hit my tongue and shot directly to my brain.  I could make a model of my car, using Diet Dr Pepper cans!  Brilliant!

First of all, here’s a pic of our new 2/1600 car:

This has all the Gentlemen's Guide to Racing livery on it.

And here’s a picture of my radio controlled model:
After a bit of experimenting, I found that using the chassis from a radio controlled truck and forming the body out of light weight aluminum was the way to go.  Most of the logos were cut from a can and affixed with Gorilla Glue, but where the body of the car curved I had to use stickers.  I just couldn’t get the glue to work unless everything was flat.

Yes, those are pop tabs for headlights.

The way the car is built means that getting to the battery package is a little difficult.  It’s a long story, but I wanted the coilovers to show which meant I had to glue some parts together which means that you have to break that bond in order to get to the batteries.  However, even though I sent the car off to the Executive VP of Marketing at Dr Pepper Snapple Group, I did not send him the controller.  The only way he will get the controller is if I get a meeting.  A risky move, I’ll admit, but I’m a risky gal.
I did a video build journal of the entire thing, which I also sent to Dr Pepper.  You lucky people can check it out right here!  (Please note that this video is indeed NOT over 9 minutes long.  You Tube added about 6 minutes of silence at the end, or I edited in 6 minutes of silence.  Who knows?!)

And what was this I said about Dr Pepper needing me like I need them?  Well, maybe I’m being a tad optimistic (which is hilarious to those of you that know me personally, I’m sure) but I think Dr Pepper needs me to get back in the good graces of their female demographic.  The best way to do that?  A bit of rabble rousing between those Dr Pepper 10 guys and their little glorified UTV and me in all my 2 seater 1600 glory.  Think of it…battle of the sexes, off road style.
If you agree, feel free to tweet directly to Dr Pepper and tell them how awesome I am.  Or post on their Facebook page.  And feel free to share this post, just click on one of those little buttons vvvv right below vvvv


Can I tell you how long I have wanted to write that title?  Yes, ladies and gents, the search is over.  Mega Monkey Motorsports™  is now the proud owner of a 2 seater 1600 car!

I'm in love already.

They had never raced the 1000 before and even thought their pre-runner fell through and they had some communication problems while in Mexico, they were still able to finish in 25:54;06.  When Skiny got back to California he grudgingly decided to sell the car and contacted me.

Team GGTR in the Baja 1000

How, you may ask, was I able to purchase a car in such economic times as these?  Well, the other half of Hall Ass Racing, el padre, is kicking in, so in fact we each own half of the car and enclosed trailer it comes with.  But basically:

  • Every penny made from Roadfly  reviews since I started there in January of 2011 went into savings
  • I got a room mate in September and put that money directly into the race car fund
  • Over the summer I saved everything I made working at Shakespeare Santa Cruz
  • I institute a One Light On At a Time policy to keep my electric bills under $20/month
  • I gave up cable
  • I stopped eating lunch on MWF.  I’m not really joking.  I kind of did.

It wasn’t easy and of course I still have to continue to save.  Flight travel alone is going to kill me, but now that the car is ours I can start getting my partnership packages out to companies who need my help to get the word out about their products!  I even have a few tricks up my sleeve to get their attention!

We are still looking to build our team.  The fastest man on the peninsula, Steve O’Leary has signed on, and our pal Kenny The Russian is down as well.  There was someone I had hoped would be available to co-drive now and again, but that asshole hasn’t called me in weeks so HE’S booted for sure!  Take note men:  If your girl has a race car, you had better treat her right!

Bad. Ass.

I will not do a full series this year.  I want to jump around a bit and see which one I like best.  I am hoping that our first race will be the SNORE Battle at Primm in February.  1600 is the bonus class in that race so there will be a lot of entries, and I figure why WOULDN’T I want to race against Luke and Daniel McMillan, Jason Coleman, Cody Freeman, et al?  In the next few days I’ll get a full calendar worked up and will post it here.
We will probably pick up the car the same weekend as the Parker race.  We won’t race it since the car still needs a good prep, but it will be fun to hang out and shoot the shit with pals, old and new.  I’ll probably be sporting some serious pink hair at that point, so please if you see me, don’t be shy!  Come on over and say hi and we can chat a bit!
(ps:  Jim Graham of Desert Dingo thinks I should call the car Rooster.  What do y’all think?)