Crunch Fitness Partners With Mega Monkey Motorsports™

Washington, D.C., March 1, 2012 – Mega Monkey Motorsports ™  is proud to announce their partnership with Crunch Fitness in Washington DC for the 2012 racing season.

Crunch Fitness will provide Emme Hall, the principle driver of the Mega Monkey Motorsports™ 2 seat 1600cc desert race car, with personal training sessions as she prepares for the upcoming season.

“Anyone who thinks race car drivers are not athletes have never tried to control a car moving at high speeds through rocks, ruts, and silt,” said Hall.  “I may not be able to hit a homerun, spike a volleyball, or make a free throw, but trust me, after a race I am beat.  I need flexibility to climb into the car from the top while wearing a firesuit, gloves, head and neck restraint, and helmet, upper body strength for car control and to get the spare tire off the back and changed quickly, and cardio stamina to keep my heart from racing at the starting line!”

 Bryan Bullock, General Manager of the downtown DC Crunch Fitness, is also excited about partnering with Hall Ass Racing.  “Emme is a fixture at the gym already.  I’m looking forward to working with her and seeing her grow in her fitness levels, and we know she will be a great brand ambassador for us.”

Bryan Bullock and Emme Hall

About Crunch Fitness

In twenty years, Crunch has grown from a tiny aerobics studio with no air conditioning into a collection of 27 state-of-the-art gyms in locations such as New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Portland, Orange County, Sacramento, San Diego, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Washington DC.  It stands as a rapidly growing brand that fuses fitness and entertainment to make working out fun, bringing a host of unique services and products to our active and expanding clientele. 

Their philosophy is simple, “There are no judgments here – No too much or not enough. No glares of disapproval. Here we keep open minds. We are nurturers. We seek only to encourage, empower and entertain. There is no one type. There is no one reason. There is no one way. What we are is a diverse community; what we have is a culture of fun; what there is, is room for everyone: all kinds of people with all kinds of goals who’ve chosen to come reach them with us.”  You can learn more at and follow on Twitter @CrunchGym.

About Mega Monkey Motorsports™

Mega Monkey Motorsports™ includes driver Emme Hall and her father, Larry Hall, as well as a team of unpaid (but highly appreciated) mechanics, welders and wrenchers.  They campaign a 2 seat 1600cc air cooled VW race car in races in California, Nevada, and Mexico.  They have been featured in Dusty Times, Dirt Sports, S&S Off Road Magazine, and Gearbox Magazine, and Emme blogs for Female Racing News.  Last year she helped Desert Dingo earn the VORRA season championship in class 11 (stock VW bugs) and holds the record at the Buffalo Peak Hill Climb, co-driving for JT Taylor in an ultra-4.  Emme holds an MFA in Costume Technology in North Carolina School of the Arts and is also a graduate of Yale School of Drama.  She is the Costume Manager at Ford’s Theatre in Washington DC and reviews new cars for Roadfly TV.  During her few free weekends you can find Emme campaigning her stock 2001 Miata in SCCA autocross events.  She has been aptly described as a “charisma missle.”  To learn more visit and follow along on Twitter @MMMotorsports.

The Best Idea I’ve Ever Had…Maybe

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you’ve probably seen some posts from me where I’m jabbering on about Diet Dr Pepper.  You’ve probably also wondered what the hell I’m talking about.  Relax as all your questions will be answered forthwith.

A few weeks ago I was listening to a MotoIQ webcast, the subject being how to find partners to further your racing career.  After the host spouted off some horrible statistic like “companies receive a billion sponsorship proposals a day,”  I knew I had to do SOMETHING BIG if I wanted anyone to pay attention to me.  After all, I’m just starting out and I don’t have a huge history behind me; just personality, drive, and creativity.  (Oh, and I’m pretty cute too.)

What, I wondered, taking a sip of my ever-present Diet Dr Pepper, could I do to make a company pay attention to me?  A company whose product I used?  A company who needed me as much as I needed them?  The sugar free deliciousness hit my tongue and shot directly to my brain.  I could make a model of my car, using Diet Dr Pepper cans!  Brilliant!

First of all, here’s a pic of our new 2/1600 car:

This has all the Gentlemen's Guide to Racing livery on it.

And here’s a picture of my radio controlled model:
After a bit of experimenting, I found that using the chassis from a radio controlled truck and forming the body out of light weight aluminum was the way to go.  Most of the logos were cut from a can and affixed with Gorilla Glue, but where the body of the car curved I had to use stickers.  I just couldn’t get the glue to work unless everything was flat.

Yes, those are pop tabs for headlights.

The way the car is built means that getting to the battery package is a little difficult.  It’s a long story, but I wanted the coilovers to show which meant I had to glue some parts together which means that you have to break that bond in order to get to the batteries.  However, even though I sent the car off to the Executive VP of Marketing at Dr Pepper Snapple Group, I did not send him the controller.  The only way he will get the controller is if I get a meeting.  A risky move, I’ll admit, but I’m a risky gal.
I did a video build journal of the entire thing, which I also sent to Dr Pepper.  You lucky people can check it out right here!  (Please note that this video is indeed NOT over 9 minutes long.  You Tube added about 6 minutes of silence at the end, or I edited in 6 minutes of silence.  Who knows?!)

And what was this I said about Dr Pepper needing me like I need them?  Well, maybe I’m being a tad optimistic (which is hilarious to those of you that know me personally, I’m sure) but I think Dr Pepper needs me to get back in the good graces of their female demographic.  The best way to do that?  A bit of rabble rousing between those Dr Pepper 10 guys and their little glorified UTV and me in all my 2 seater 1600 glory.  Think of it…battle of the sexes, off road style.
If you agree, feel free to tweet directly to Dr Pepper and tell them how awesome I am.  Or post on their Facebook page.  And feel free to share this post, just click on one of those little buttons vvvv right below vvvv