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Can I tell you how long I have wanted to write that title?  Yes, ladies and gents, the search is over.  Mega Monkey Motorsports™  is now the proud owner of a 2 seater 1600 car!

I'm in love already.

They had never raced the 1000 before and even thought their pre-runner fell through and they had some communication problems while in Mexico, they were still able to finish in 25:54;06.  When Skiny got back to California he grudgingly decided to sell the car and contacted me.

Team GGTR in the Baja 1000

How, you may ask, was I able to purchase a car in such economic times as these?  Well, the other half of Hall Ass Racing, el padre, is kicking in, so in fact we each own half of the car and enclosed trailer it comes with.  But basically:

  • Every penny made from Roadfly  reviews since I started there in January of 2011 went into savings
  • I got a room mate in September and put that money directly into the race car fund
  • Over the summer I saved everything I made working at Shakespeare Santa Cruz
  • I institute a One Light On At a Time policy to keep my electric bills under $20/month
  • I gave up cable
  • I stopped eating lunch on MWF.  I’m not really joking.  I kind of did.

It wasn’t easy and of course I still have to continue to save.  Flight travel alone is going to kill me, but now that the car is ours I can start getting my partnership packages out to companies who need my help to get the word out about their products!  I even have a few tricks up my sleeve to get their attention!

We are still looking to build our team.  The fastest man on the peninsula, Steve O’Leary has signed on, and our pal Kenny The Russian is down as well.  There was someone I had hoped would be available to co-drive now and again, but that asshole hasn’t called me in weeks so HE’S booted for sure!  Take note men:  If your girl has a race car, you had better treat her right!

Bad. Ass.

I will not do a full series this year.  I want to jump around a bit and see which one I like best.  I am hoping that our first race will be the SNORE Battle at Primm in February.  1600 is the bonus class in that race so there will be a lot of entries, and I figure why WOULDN’T I want to race against Luke and Daniel McMillan, Jason Coleman, Cody Freeman, et al?  In the next few days I’ll get a full calendar worked up and will post it here.
We will probably pick up the car the same weekend as the Parker race.  We won’t race it since the car still needs a good prep, but it will be fun to hang out and shoot the shit with pals, old and new.  I’ll probably be sporting some serious pink hair at that point, so please if you see me, don’t be shy!  Come on over and say hi and we can chat a bit!
(ps:  Jim Graham of Desert Dingo thinks I should call the car Rooster.  What do y’all think?)