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24 Hours in a 1969 VW and 9 Days in Morocco

Lots of cool stuff happening, y’all, so grab a beverage and sit back for a nice long read.  First of all, this weekend I’ll be racing with Desert Dingo in their Class 11 bug.  When I say Class 11, I mean nearly stock VW bug.  Sure, we’ve got a roll cage and some bigger suspension parts, but you can still only run one shock at each corner, and under the deck lid all you’ll find is a stock 1600cc engine with a 4 speed transmission.  As I write this, 1107 is on her way to the Super Secret Hiding Place somewhere in Nevada, while Our Dear Leader, Jim, is at Burning Man.

The race this weekend will consist of 12 hours of racing on Saturday around a 41 mile lap course in a clockwise direction.  Then we’ll get 12 hours to wrench on the car.  Sunday finds us racing for another 12 hours same course but counter clockwise.  The race director of VORRA has this to say about the course:

We went out and placed course markers yesterday. There are some pretty deep washes across the road starting a 1/2 mile before Checkpoint 2 to about Mile Marker 38. And yes on Day 2 the 11′s are going to need jet packs.

Um…wait.  He’s talking about us.  We need jet packs?  Dingo leader Jim apparently thinks “jet packs” is code for “tow rope”, as he sent the team these encouraging words:

“We have a tow rope pre-tied to the front bumper so to get a tow, all you have to do is pop the hood, unspool the rope and hold up the end and hope for someone to pull over. I’ve gone on the VORRA discussion forum and asked the other teams to consider helping out us 11s if they can spare a couple of minutes.”

I’ll be tweeting as much as I can this weekend using #the24.  If you’re not already following me on the Twitter, I’m @MMMotorsports.

And check out what’s going on with my third race team, Team Courage Gazelles.  We are on the home page of Dirt Newz!

My partner, Michele Martineau, and I are campaigning to run the 9 day Rallye Aicha des Gazelles in Morocco, 2012.  Its the world’s only all female off road rally, and only 5 other American women have ever competed.  But there’s a catch:  we navigate using a compass and an outdated map.  No GPS.  No cell phones.  No whining. There is a lot of excitement surrounding Team Courage Gazelles, and I can’t wait to tell y’all about it.  But I need some time to do it and right now my Hall Ass is late for work.