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How’d You Get That F*#^ing Awesome Job?


The 2012 Jeep Wrangler...and me.

I’ve had a few people email me in the past few weeks asking how I got started working for RoadflyTV.  (For those of you who know me only from racing, click on that link, then come back here.) In these economic times, where people do well in school, have amazing skills, get out and interview, send out resumes, and otherwise beat their heads against a wall and STILL find themselves out of work, I’m almost ashamed to say how I joined Roadfly.

I got lucky.

No joke.  Yes, I have always been into cars. My car of choice is a small, RWD convertible with a manual transmission (save for a brief dalliance with a little Honda del Sol in graduate school) and I’ve always driven off road in some kind of air cooled VW dune buggy or baja bug.

I had been off road racing with my dad for about a year when I met the Roadfly crew.   Jessi had just left to pursue her Ph.D full time and Roadfly was looking to replace her.  I distinctly remember telling Charlie (that’s the boss at Roadfly), “Look, I can’t replace Jessi.  She’s fantastic and people love her.  But I am a high energy personality.  I am funny and quirky and smart.  I’d love to work for you but don’t think I’m going to wear Jessi’s shoes, because they are not going to fit.”

Charlie agreed.  He wanted someone like me, but he understood that my style wouldn’t be for everyone, and I’ll admit I have my haters (I’m thinking of printing up t-shirts that say “I’m a Holla Hater” and if you don’t get that reference go here around 1:05).  But the people who don’t like me love the other host, Ross and those that don’t like the patented Ross Rapoport Style are,  in general, Emme Hall fans.

I was just in the right place at the right time.  But what about those of you who want to have a totally rad job like mine?

  • Network, network, network.  If you’re not on Twitter, get on it.  Follow all the car accounts, comment on them, hell Jalopnik posts about 100 things a day…send them a tip or an idea.
  • Start your own blog.  Write.  About anything related to cars.  You don’t need access to the press fleet to write about cars.  Check out my pal’s blog Cars Aren’t Scary.  He just writes about what moves him, automotive-wise.
  • Find out if any of your local car dealerships have YouTube channels and offer to do walk around reviews for them.
  • Go to the car shows.  Bring your video camera.  Talk to everyone.
  • Join SCCA.  You’ll meet a ton of people who love cars just like you.
  • Practice in front of the camera and review your tapes.  I realized that I have a tendency to talk too fast and that my excitement can come across as downright crazy unless I rein it in.
  • Be nice.  To everyone.  Offer to help when you can.  It will come back to you, I promise.
  • Did I mention network?  I have made countless connections over Twitter, one of which resulted in me getting seat time in their race car.

As with all things in life, you have to figure out what you want to do and then do it.  It sounds simple but of course it’s not.  So here’s another one:  Never, ever, ever, give up.  Ever.


NORRA Releases Classes for Mexican 1000

NORRA released the list of classes for this year’s Mexican 1000 and all I can say is…wow.  FIFTEEN classes in the Vintage Division, and five classes in the Evolution Division.  NORRA’s motto is “Honoring the Past-Forging the Future” and they are definitely working their goals.  Looks like Dad and I will be in class 4A :  Non-production two-wheel drive buggy style vehicles raced with two or more occupants pre-1991 with less than 2000cc engines. 


Since we’re rebuilding the engine from the blowout before the Powder Puff, we’ll fit right into this class.  We were running a 2180cc with dual Weber carbs, but now we’re down to an 1835cc.  Dad and Jimmy were thinking about only running a single carb, which I definitely don’t like, but I defer to Shook Hawk Performance Engines on the mechanics.  I’ll make sure to kick up a lot of dust either way!

2/9/11 CORRECTION:  We will actually be running in Class 9: pre-1991 baja bugs.  What does this mean?  It means I’m calling Dad and Jimmy and demanding the 2180cc engine goes back in!

In other news, my latest review is up .  It really is amazing how people either love me or hate me.  It’s mostly love, I think.   Sometimes it’s hard to read people’s criticisms, but ain’t no way I can please everybody.  My boss at Roadfly is happy with my style, I’m happy with my style…I guess that’s all I can do.  Haters gonna hate but at the end of the day, I’m the one driving the cars, bitches!