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Rap Star Gazelles

It wasn’t all technical driving while on the Gazelle Rally.  There were times where we were driving on roads.  Of course, we couldn’t go faster than 50 km/hr, so we had a lot of time to kill.  Sabrina is a professional singer and I have dabbled in musical theatre, so we often sang.  We sometimes rapped.




Morocco…Here We Come!!!

Well, we have paid our rally fees and we are definitely on our way to the Rallye Aicha des Gazelles!!!  Our final fundraising push is a silent auction, open until February 4th at 11pm EST.  Lots of cool stuff is up for bid including some gift cards from SDHQ Off Road, Off Road Vixens, RSK Clothing, and Mary Kay.  Plus a discounted pro entry to a MORE race, a photo package from Dezert Wife Photography, a co-driver seat in a few races with Dezert Outlaw Motorsports, and more!!  Check it out at

We are now deep in the depths of finding a rental truck…in French.   Here’s how you communicate via email to French rental companies:

1.  Frantically search the internet for “French truck rental”

2.  Realize that there are contacts listed in your Gazelle packet

3.  Feel dorky

4.  Attempt to write an email in French

5.  Proof read it with your terrible French but think, “This sounds good,” and hit send

6.  Remember something called Google Translate and run your already sent French email through

7.  Laugh at the pathetic translation and rewrite email

8.  Resend email with addendum: “Ecrit avec l’aide de Google Translate”

9.  Receive email from said French company

10. Reverse Google Translate process


The map has gone up, giving us plenty of time to check out the terrain via Google Earth.  It seems I owe a lot to Google Inc, lately!  At any rate, here’s a glimpse.

So we now have lots of things to take care of:  getting the necessary supplies, a new pair of boots (yes!), tools, a tent…everything we’ll need for 9 days in Morocco.  One thing we will NOT need is a navigation unit.  Remember, Gazelles navigate with a compass and an old map and nothing more.  It’s what makes the Gazelle Rally FULL OF AWESOME!!!





Vayamos a NORRA Mexicano Mil

Well, the car is ready, the suits are ready…if I could just pack then *I* would be ready!  I leave tomorrow evening and will spend the night in San Diego.  One of my sponsors, The Waterfront Tavern, is putting me up in their condo a block away from the roller coaster in Mission Beach.  Unfortunately, I’ll only be there for 8 hours.  Dad and I will be leaving the next morning at 6am to get to his place in San Felipe.  There I will get my first look at our BRAND NEW 2180 dual carb motor and new transmission.  Awwwww yeah!


After a quick sleep, we’ll be towing our Hot Tamale back up to Mexicali for registration, contingency, and of course, a party with our pals.  Early morning of May 5th we’ll start Day One, driving back through San Felipe to Bay of Los Angeles.  We’ll be staying with our pals at Villa Vitta.


Day Two will start at 8am at “South of town on Dirt Road”.  What’s hilarious is that I know exactly where they are talking about!  The second day will take us through San Ignacio, land of 1000′s of Palm Trees and we’ll end at Loreto.  That night we get a special party at Del Borracho Saloon, sponsored by Team Lucky Sperm, YT Motorsports, and Team Courage.

But we can’t party too hard, because Day Three starts at 7am in a mad dash to the finish line in La Paz and another fun evening spent with friends, new and old.

The morning of May 8th will bring the awards ceremony and then Dad and I get the rest of the day and most of Monday to play in La Paz….or maybe I can convince him to buzz on out to Cabo?  At any rate, I fly from La Paz to LA on May 9th, then red eye back to DC to be at work on May 10th.

I’ll be live tweeting the whole damn thing, when I can get a signal, using the #NORRA1000 hashtag, so be sure to follow me @MMMotorsports.  You can also Like me on Facebook and stay updated there as well.  We’ll have three Go Pro cameras on the car, so we should get some pretty sweet video.

That’s all from stateside…I’ll see you in the baja.


Mexican 1000 Plans are GO!

Dad and I are getting pretty excited about the Mexican 1000.  I’ve got my plane tickets all squared away, DC-San Diego on the way out, then a jumper flight from Loreto, Baja California-LAX, then red eye LAX-DC.  I’ll probably roll up into work all dirty and tired, but who cares?  I’d fly 24 hours straight if I knew I’d get a chance to race. 

I’ve been chatting with a pal about feminism and off road racing; what it means to be a female in this sport.  I’m not sure why it matters, since racing cars requires guts and smarts, which are not determined by gender.  But it is a male dominated sport, and being a female trying to break into it, I will have to discuss feminism at some point.  Fortunately, many have gone before me, notably Judy Smith.  She was inducted into the Off-Road Hall of Fame in 2008 for her, oh 40+ years of being a part of the community, either as a member of a pit crew, a journalist, racer, or photographer.  But my point is, she’s in her 70′s and she’ll be racing in Class 11 (!) at this year’s Mexican 1000.  We’ve met on Facebook and we have plans to chat in person.  So awesome!  You can read all about her here.

My Roadfly review for the 2011 Infiniti FX50 is up.  You can check it out here.  I watched it, and by watching I mean I had it on my monitor, volume on low, while I kind of looked at it while trying not to.  Yeah, not so good at watching myself at this point.  Hopefully I’ll get better at it!