Nothing makes driver and car co-owner Emme Hall happier than climbing behind the wheel of any air cooled VW desert racer and pinning it.  In addition to driving for Mega Monkey Motorsports, she has been an occasional guest driver and co-driver with Desert Dingo Racing in their Class 11 VW. She has competed three times in the Rallye Aicha des Gazelles, a nine day, all female off road rally in Morocco with no GPS.  All navigation is done with a compass and an old map….in French. In 2016 she and her navigator Sabrina Howells came in 5th, driving a 2007 Land Rover Defender. This year she competed in the inaugural Rebelle Rally, driving off-road from Lake Tahoe to San Diego over 7 days, again with no GPS.

Emme has been featured in Dirt Sports, ESPNw, Dusty Times, S&S Off Road Magazine, Dirt Newz, Race Dezert, Moto IQ and Gearbox Magazine. You also may have heard her running her mouth on internet radio shows such as The Down and Dirty Off Road Show, Speed Freaks, Cars Yeah, and the Off Road Round Up on KCBQ. Emme holds an MFA from North Carolina School of the Arts and is also a graduate of Yale School of Drama.  She lives in California and is a reviews editor with Roadshow, the automotive arm of CNET. She has driven everything from minivans to supercars but always looks forward to autocrossing her 2nd generation Mazdaspeed Miata whenever she can.


Dad showing off his favorite feature of our class 5u baja bug.

Dad showing off his favorite feature of our class 5u baja bug.

Pit boss and car co-owner Larry Hall previous raced the SCORE series with La Rana Racing (waaaaay back in the way back machine) in his own 2/1600 and a 10 car.  He is currently retired and splits his time between San Felipe, Baja California Norte, where he is known as The Mayor, and Buena Vista, Colorado, where he is known as He Who Owns No Pants.




The folks at Martha Lee Motorsports are an integral part of Mega Monkey Motorsports. Martee  (above, right) and her husband Mark recruit local high school youth from Barstow, CA and teach them how to work on the race cars. As a result, the kids learn team work, cooperation, responsibility, the joys of winning and the pain of defeat. The teenagers must maintain a B average in school in order to participate. Once they put in enough time on 1617 and Martee’s car 1602, they get a chance to co-drive with Martee.

Also included on the team are Pepper (pictured here, left), Chris, Chad, Tammy, Cindy and Henry.


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